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What is Rapé?

Rapé, pronounced "ha-pay" or "rah-pay", is a traditional snuff made from tobacco powder and/or dried herbs and ash from the rainforest.

A small amount is blown into the recipient's nose through a tube called a tepi with a prayer. The rapé must be taken through both nostrils. Because each nasal cavity represents an energy flow of the body:

Right side:
The Channel of the Sun -Sender Yang-. Power of the rational mind that allows learning and gaining the strength necessary to overcome problems through effort. It's the male side. The typical problems on the right are selfish or violent behavior, arrogance, and pride.

Left side:
The Channel of the Moon Receiver Yin-. Power of emotions, pure love, empathy and art. This represents the feminine side. Problems here can be depression, feelings of inferiority, feelings of guilt or listlessness.

This tobacco has been used in a sacred way for thousands of years as a grandfather's parent plant and spirit. In combination with the ash of other plants, Rapé cleans the sinuses, travels through the lymph and begins a detoxification process. Energetically, rapé has protective, grounding and cleansing properties.

It acts on the chakras to clear energetic blockages and activate the pineal gland.

Rapé is often used before or in combination with other herbal medicines to focus and calm the ceremony. Otherwise, it can be used before meditation to strengthen intention setting and clear the energy field.

We usually pre-use rapé Sananga and Kambo.

Other properties

  • Helps remove mucus and parasites from the frontal and nasal cavities
  • Helps clear the mind and end internal dialogue
  • Helps with scarring when applied to wounds and acts as an antibiotic
  • Decompresses the pressure of the skull
  • Cleans the intestines and frees them from parasites
  • Eliminates headaches, dullness and drowsiness
  • Eliminates the excess of accumulated mucus
  • Promotes intestinal peristalsis
  • Facilitates the conscious understanding of what meditation is
  • Removes dirt accumulated over years that causes problems like sinusitis and migraines
  • Cleanses realigns and positions your energy fields, particularly the third eye and crown chakras, and from there moves up and down the spine
  • Remedies for the Sight of the Spirit
  • Allows you to reach a very deep state of meditation
  • Allows to be present to see further than one's own interpretations

Rapé is also very effective in treating respiratory and digestive system problems. Many people cure their sinusitis and rhinitis with this remedy, which also immunizes against diseases of the respiratory system. It is also very effective to treat the digestive system.

Energetically it is a direct way to treat anxiety, anxiety and other energies related to the solar plexus. Rapé causes the person to vomit, thus eliminating the dense energies that have accumulated there. It is also a powerful analgesic, eliminating headaches and body aches. It also has a relaxing and antipyretic effect.

Kambo Ceremony 12 - Rapé

Recommendations for the therapeutic/spiritual use of rapé

Rapé is a remedy, a powerful spirit of the forest that must be treated as such. It is a very powerful remedy that can induce various conditions depending on its use.

Rapé is not taken at any random time. It is recommended to take it on an empty stomach in the morning, at the end of the afternoon after work or in the evening before bed to have good dreams and a peaceful night. In sessions, it can be taken several times as needed.

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Kambo is an intelligent, spiritual and detoxifying energy derived from the secretion of the bicolor frog, Phyllomedusa bicolor.

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Sananga is an herbal "medicine" made from the root of an Amazonian shrub, Tabernaemontana undulata.