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Meridians 1 - Kambo work on meridians

Kambo work on meridians

Meridians are energy channels through our body that are connected to organs.

The correlating organs can be assigned to Yin (female energy) and Yan (male energy). Both physical and mental problems can arise when the flow of energy is interrupted. In Chinese medicine, different emotions such as fear, anger, distrust, sadness are also assigned to organs, as are physical symptoms such as chronic back pain, allergies and/or irritable bowel syndrome. With the detailed application of Kambo to the appropriate meridians, the examples mentioned can be positively influenced.

Kambo work on meridians requires at least one Kambo session with an IAKP practitioner.

These sessions are preceded by an extensive consultation in which physical and/or mental states are worked out together. The sessions are conducted according to IAKP protocols with a detailed water/drinking assessment and high quality standards.