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Ear Points 2 - Kambo work on Ear Points

Kambo work on ear points

For clients with previous Kambo experience

The ear is the microcosm of the body. There are numerous points in the ear area that can trigger positive reactions in the body.

Just a few explained here:

Important ear points

Shen Men

(Ghost Gate, Divine Gate)

Function: The purpose of Shen Men is to calm the mind and allow for a harmonious connection with essential spirit. This main point relieves stress, pain, tension, anxiety, depression, insomnia, restlessness and excessive sensitivity. Used in almost all treatment plans. Shen Men was one of the first points highlighted for drug detoxification and treatment of alcoholism and substance abuse. It is also used to relieve cough, fever, inflammatory diseases, epilepsy and high blood pressure.

Zero point

(centre of ear, support point, umbilical cord, solar plexus)

Function: This key point is the geometric and physiological center of the entire auricle. It brings the whole body towards homeostasis, producing a balance of energy, hormones and brain activity. It supports the actions of other pinna points and returns the body to the idealized state that was present in the womb. Point Zero is where the umbilical cord protrudes from the abdomen of the inverted fetus pattern at the ear.

Thalamus point

(subcortex, brain, pain control point)

Function: This major point represents the entire midbrain, including the thalamus and hypothalamus. It affects the thalamic relay connections to the cerebral cortex and the hypothalamic regulation of autonomic nerves and endocrine glands. The thalamus is like a preamplifier for signals sent to the cerebral cortex. It refines the neural message and eliminates meaningless background noise. The thalamus is used in most pain disorders, acute and chronic illnesses, anxiety, depression, high blood pressure, coronary artery disease, diarrhea, constipation, liver disease and gallbladder dysfunction. The thalamus point strengthens the brain and pinches the mind. Three points, Thalamus, Shen Men, and Lung, are used to detect drugs.

A sensitive treatment

An intensive sensitive treatment where you can experience Kambo in a completely different way. Working with Kambo on ear points is one of my favorites.
Incidentally, the Kambo gates in the ear area heal quickly and almost always without scarring. These sessions are preceded by an extensive consultation in which physical and/or mental states are worked out together. The sessions are conducted according to IAKP protocols with a detailed water/drinking assessment and high quality standards

Ear Kambo - Kambo work on Ear-Points