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Kambo Treatment - Kambo Treatments

Treatments with Kambo

First treatment

Traditionally, women receive their first treatment in the area of ​​the right lower leg and men in the area of ​​the left upper arm.

The treatment begins with three points, the first of which is always a test point. After the participant has become comfortable with starting the reactions, the final number of Kambo points will be suggested by the practitioner.

Womb Kambo

Womb Kambo will give you a completely different experience.

What is womb Kambo?

The first step in this process is that I do energy work and a scan on you. It happens without touching, only energetically. I will intuitively find two areas I suggest to work on.

When that resonates with you, I will burn only two gates we will work on the hole session. I will apply slowly half a dot at a time on one gate in turns and you will trip in a hole different approach with this beautiful medicine. The medicine will take you, laying down in a cozy nest, on a deep journey often back to your childhood or back into your heart. You might fall asleep in this process full of stillness and abundance.

There's no purge gonna happen and no water to drink. It comes from the Sapo way of dry Kambo, but at the same time it's completely different as the medicine is shared in a totally different way and intention.

I will hold space for you as long as your journey might take...usually between 2 - 4 will be held and loved by the medicine and me.


Womb Kambo - Kambo Treatments
Kambo Treatment 5 - Kambo Treatments
3 x 3: Three Kambo sessions in 3 hours

A Kambo treatment for Kambo-experienced people who want to enter into a wonderful, deep encounter with the frog.

Traditionally, there are three reasons for this treatment:

  • Initiation
  • Breaking through a heavy blockade
  • Help with a moving question to solve

This experience is intense, hard and at the same time wonderful in deep reverence and gratitude to Kambo

Layered treatment

A treatment for everyone who has already had at least 1 Kambo treatment according to the IAKP standard. In this treatment, a certain amount of Kambo is administered, but at intervals. Point by point. When the symptoms subside, the next Kambo point is applied.


  • Reset of the purge point after numerous treatments with a high number of Kambo points
  • Elderly people
  • Who cannot receive that much Kambo at once
  • Anxious Clients
  • Finding the natural purge point
  • and much more
Kambo Treatment 1 - Kambo Treatments
Kambo Treatment 4 - Kambo Treatments
Intensive treatments

Treatments in which Kambo sessions take place daily or twice a day over a defined period of time


  • Viral Infections
  • Rheumatic diseases
  • Intense detox
  • Severe fungal infections
  • Repair of the immune system after chemotherapy
  • and much more

Long-term Kambo Treatment

Kambo regularly over a long period of time


  • Multiple sclerosis
  • Rheumatoid arthritis
  • Type II diabetes
  • Lyme
  • and much more
Kambo Treatment 2 - Kambo Treatments
Kambo group ceremonies - Kambo Treatments
Group treatments

I host Kambo groups up to 4 people. As I want to keep my deep work with this sacred medicine including shadow work, womb cambo and much more methods, I don't host big groups.

I am flexible regarding the location, so I am also able to come to your place to facilitate a Kambo circle.
Being highly dedicated to this medicine, I am excited to meet you, beautiful being.


These sessions are preceded by an extensive consultation in which physical and/or mental states are worked out together. The sessions are conducted according to IAKP protocols with a detailed water/drinking assessment and high quality standards.