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Chakras - Kambo work on chakras

Kambo work on chakras

Chakras are energy centers in our body. Our chakra system consists of 7 energy centers

  • Root chakra
  • Sacral Chakra
  • Solar Plexus Chakra
  • Heart chakra
  • Throat Chakra
  • Brow Chakra
  • Crown Chakra

Every chakra (except for the brow and crown chakras) Treatment points can be associated with Kambo.

This treatment is a wonderful intensive experience that can result in lasting improvements.

A deep encounter with the frog.

These sessions are preceded by an extensive consultation in which physical and/or mental states are worked out together. The sessions are conducted according to IAKP protocols with a detailed water/drinking assessment and high quality standards.

01 Root Chakra - Kambo work on chakras
1. Muladhara - Root Chakra

Our basis for feeling safe, secure and grounded. - FEAR

Base of the spine in the coccyx area.

Emotional problems:
Survival issues such as financial independence, money and food, sexual issues, anxiety and instability

Bodily issues:
Disorders of the legs, feet, intestines and colon, eating disorders, depression, arthritis, immune related disorders, anemia, adrenal glands, sciatica, chronic back pain, male reproductive system and prostate. adrenal glands.

02 Sacral Chakra - Kambo work on chakras

2. Svadhistana - Sacral Chakra

Our connection and ability to accept others and new experiences – DESIRE

abdomen, approximately 5 cm below the navel and 5 cm in.

Emotional problems:
Feelings of abundance, commitment, fun, confidence, well-being, pleasure, sexuality, risk-taking, creativity, addiction, obsession, inability to cry, sexual dysfunction, and self-esteem. Difficult relationships, difficulty with intimacy or letting go.

Bodily issues:
Chronic back pain, sciatica Loss of appetite, blood cancer, diabetes; Dysfunction of the reproductive system, kidneys, chest, hips, pelvis and urinary tract. ovaries, testicles.

03 Solar Plexus Chakra - Kambo work on chakras

3. Manipura - Solar Plexus Chakra

Our ability to be confident and to control our lives. - ANGRY

upper abdomen in the abdominal area.

Emotional problems:
Self-Control, Confidence, Empowerment, Ambition, Personal Power and Self-Esteem. Fear of rejection or criticism. Repressed feelings, temper. Perfectionism and lack of self-control.

Bodily issues:
Stomach and liver problems leading to indigestion, diabetes, pancreatitis, chronic fatigue, high blood pressure, ulcers, parasites, blood sugar problems, spleen, gallbladder and allergies. Pancreas.

04 Heart Chakra - Kambo work on chakras

4. Anahata - Heart Chakra

Our ability to give and receive love. - LOVE

The center is just above the heart.

Emotional problems:
Love, joy, inner peace, truth, calling, responsibility. Je bad, anger, bitterness. Fear of loneliness and abandonment. Can't forgive or trust! Little concentration. Negative, emotionally unbalanced, inflexible, big ego!

Bodily issues:
Heart or lung disorders, asthma, allergies, thymus gland, shoulder immunodeficiency. Problems, breasts, blood circulation, lymphatic system, upper back, arms, hands and tensilon between the shoulder blades.

05 Throat Chakra - Kambo work on chakras

5. Vishudda - Throat Chakra

Our ability to communicate. – COMMUNICATION


Emotional problems:
Communication, expression of feelings, the truth. No willpower, poor listener, afraid of being out of control, restless, anxious.

Bodily issues:
Chronic throat problems, tongue, lips, teeth, mouth ulcers, TMJ pain, laryngitis and thyroid problems, ear and sinus infections, headaches, PMT, hormones, neck and shoulder pain. Thyroid.

06 Third Eye Chakra - Kambo work on chakras

6. Ajna - Brow Chakra

Our ability to focus and see the big picture. - UNDERSTANDING

Forehead between the eyes

Emotional problems:
Intuition, imagination, insight, wisdom, positivity, ability to think and make decisions. Moody, volatile, unfocused, unable to make decisions and unable to see own fears.

Bodily issues:
Headaches, sinuses, endocrine disorders, nervous system, eye problems, brain tumor, bruising, neurological disorders, pineal gland, nervous system, hormone function, seizures and spinal disorders. pituitary.

07 Crown Chakra - Kambo work on chakras

7. Sahasrara - Crown Chakra

Our ability to be fully connected. Inner and outer beauty, our connection to spirituality, pure bliss. - MENTAL

On top of the head. Not treatable with Kambo via the spine.

Emotional problems:
pain and nervous system

pineal gland

Chakras open from the bottom up!